October 28, 2009

Make Money Online isn’t HARD if You Know HOW…

How does John Chow make money online from 0 dollars to tens of thousands of dollars every month with only telling how to make money online or Darren Rowse who also became blogger money maker make money from blog with his blogging articles?

Why they can easily make money online from their blogs? The answer is very easy. They know “HOW”. Now, how can you make money online with your blog? Of course you need to learn, there is no other way.

Don’t be mistaken, I am not a successful blogger [blogger money maker]. No. I'm just a freelance blogger who dare to comment only. Just like when watching a football match, I was a spectator. Not to be a player yet. If so, I must learn how to play it first. What I can right now just commenting. LOL…You know sometimes the audience can say more than play the match. Do not know where the ball should be kicked.

Back to matter of creating money online, what I see from figures above is that they give a lot of useful things from their blog. Many people subscribe to RSS and join a community blog readership which surely brings traffic. From what I see that consistency of quality content they provide to help other blogger by sharing ideas online - make money online, forming larger and larger blog community and readership.

Article source: http://www.eblogtalk.com/2009/10/make-money-online-isnt-hard-if-you-know.html

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3 comments: on "Make Money Online isn’t HARD if You Know HOW…"

Danny99 said...

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George said...

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Paris said...

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