October 28, 2009

3 Steps to Make Money on Blog

Surely it would be quite impossible to have not stumble upon the following search results when you type the word "blog" on today's search engine,

• Make money on blog
• Earn income from your blog
• Monetize your blog
• Unlimited income opportunity from blog

Most blogs, if not all, have unlimited income opportunity if they utilize and follow certain marketing strategies that would surely realize their blog as a "gold mine". But what would it take to really make money on blog?

• First, establish readership. A blog must primarily provide their readers what the readers want. Without them, no amount of traffic can be generated by your blog, thus, no advertising space can ever realize their money from you. Establishing readership can be easy if you put your readers as your primary concern and customer. Reputation in the blog community is earned, and so does your readership.

• Generate traffic. Blog is the best example of the concept of "viral marketing" and once a reader spreads the new about how great your blog is, the rest, as they say is history. The software and/or platform that your blog allows a number of applications that works through the principle of and of "domino effect". There are a number of applications that you could use for free that could generate and bring you traffic that you never thought possible.

• Start placing advertisements that would complement your content. And this should be stressed. Bloggers who place ad on their sites cause some of their readers to provide negative feedbacks. And this is bad news for them. Monetizing your blog is one thing, but having no one to click on your ad because they were shooed away from the ad itself is one thing. Some bloggers were left astounded by how this happen. Primarily, blog was created for people to create avenues on connecting with other people who share you interest and passion. Start monetizing your site and doing it the wrong way is not only a sure way to lose readers but to lose everything that you worked hard for.

Written by: Tim Yu. Tim Yu is a Internet Marketer who owns http://www.InternetBloggingProfits.com - He has helped hundreds of people on Starting Up an Internet Business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tim_Yu

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