September 26, 2009

Increase Blog Revenue by Regularly Updated Fresh Content

Do you want to get your revenue increased from your blog? There is no better ways than updating blog by providing fresh content regularly. In terms of improving your performance in search engines, writing original and unique is friendly SEO. You know that search engine [especially Google] loves blog that keep updating content? Don’t be mistaken that you can update blog regularly every month or every year. I meant, you keep writing every day or at least 2-3 times a week.

Why Blog needs fresh content?

If I have to choose blog subscription, of course I would choose blog that are always being updated where I might get new information provided in their content. Then when you visited blog first time you need to see when the post was published. From there you will know whether the blog is always being updated. Writing fresh blog content is important for blog readership. Besides, search engines really like blog that are always updated with new articles. Google really likes fresh and original content and author use handwriting which is the uniqueness of blog.

With blog list widget on BlogSpot, blogger gets more help to promote their blog and posts to be seen new articles published. Especially follower Google connect Friend widget, blog follower will get notice through blog list on shown in blog list widget on your blog page. Every time blog make some updates, it will appear in recent blog List if you follow become follower and if you have quality content, your blog will be visited.

Blogger who use blog as a tool for online businesses must always try to get more traffic to your blog. You can easily make money with Adsense, Text Link Ads, Paid review and affiliate program such, ebay and

Apart from benefits to blog readers, search engines will determine get a better position and easy for the index if the blog is always updated. Increase blog about revenue by fresh regularly updated content is certainly a fact that a huge opportunity for business development possibilities of the traffic generated from providing fresh content.

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