August 23, 2009

Blogger Money Maker: Need Article Writing in SEO Technique

There are differences between SEO writing and common articles writing such as news, novels, biography or blog posts. Blogger Money Maker wants to share with you about why should be a balance between SEO writing article and other general writing in blog content. Writing SEO recommends to blogger money maker who make money online with Indeed, what is SEO writing? In general, writing SEO can be written without using grammar or correct word composition or sentences order. As long as article can be in indexed and appears on page of search engine, that’s successful.

I had read several SEO writing – especially article related to make money online with blogger where traffic could be generated from SEO and I take a conclusion that most important on writing SEO determined by keywords selection to be used in SEO article. As choosing keyword is importance part in SEO writing process, so the ratio will be 90 percent of time in choosing keyword and 10 percent on writing SEO itself. Writing SEO is an effort to dominate search engines.

SEO writing does not really pay attention to use grammar; because search engine itself does not care too. However, if I may advice, SEO writing is still necessary to use good grammar, correct sentences. If not, your visit might be turned away. Its advantage to blogger money maker itself remains consistent generating traffic as reader might like to read the content.

Writing SEO will be effective when use between 250 and 500 words. The rest, you just will waste your time and SEO writing is ineffective. Just imagine, from so many words use on article, only a few words (keywords) get indexed by search engines. So write SEO article that fully loaded with relevant keywords.

Not like writing articles in general, SEO writing is very tiring sometimes. If you write a story, you may only need to follow the flow of the story without thinking of keyword are being used for the article. However, SEO writing is required patience, carefulness in work to choose the keywords, expertise in keyword selection inserting into article, which it should still be read well.

Success on make money online with blogger is writing SEO in each blog's post that friendly SEO and generate some traffic. Is not easy, but here's what needs to be done in order to dominate the search engines. Make money with blogger with writing SEO principally needs and your expertise on make money with blogger will increase with SEO techniques.
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seems like great place ti live

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@milla widia n; exactly, this is windy place as well...

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