September 29, 2009

Blogger Money Maker – Make Money Online from Blog without Google Adsense.

I am discussing about Blogger Money Maker – make money online from blog without Google Adsense. In most of my previous posts, I discussed a lot about how to make money online with Google Adsense with a BlogSpot blog. One of the reasons why I wrote about Adsense business because I think this is make money from your blog doesn't need to spend cents. Because you need to run a blog for business blog, BlogSpot blogs provide free services and provide an opportunity for bloggers to monetize their blog as blogger money maker.

For those of you who already have Google Adsense account, you can directly install adsense html code. But you can also simply add Adsense widget in your blog dashboard. But if you do not have an account or your account has disabled, you can still make money online with your blog without Google Adsense. So even if you do not have a Google adsense account, you still can be blogger money maker – make money from blog.

So far, I still run my Adsense business easiest way to make money online from blog. But I also make money with text link ads. To make money online with text link ads by using blog, the price of the paid link in blog page depends on the popularity of blog. But generally ranges from $ 5 - $ 10 per link per month. Advertiser links have to remain linked usually at least a month. And if there cancelation, you will be notified through email for code removal. If you have five links attached to your blog, every month you can get at least $ 50 from a blog. To sign up with Text Link Ads click here.

If your blog has enough traffic, you can actually directly sell paid links. You can even specify how much the price of a link you would like to offer the advertiser. To make deals, you may contact the web masters or bloggers via email or other ways to offer better paid links on your blog. In a way, you may set payment for link sold directly through PayPal or other payment methods without having to give commission to the broker.

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