September 3, 2009

How to Start Make Money Online with BlogSpot Part 2

Previously I wrote about how to start make money online with blogSpot. If you miss it see here. So, the easiest make money with BlogSpot is to sign up for Google Adsense and put Adsense ads on your blog. Google Adsense is main revenue for blogger who use BlogSpot- a free blog from There are ways to install Adsense ads in your blog, you can add directly install Adsense from lay out widget in blog dashboard, there is also place Adsense HTML code on your blog or websites.

For more information about how to start make money with Adsense, see here

You've heard Kontera. Just like Google Adsense, Kontera is also a Pay Per Click Advertising, but this in-text links result of which also appear base on relevant content you write on article in your blog. Make money with such PPC is not too difficult, because you do not need running in particular, but simply to write content and ads will appear in accordance with the content written.

Adbrite ads market is a place that can sell ad space on your blog. You may put Adbrite ads on blog space. For advertiser, is a good marketing exposure and publishers generating revenue with ads sold through Adbrite. If you are an Adbrite, publisher you can pair with various Adbrite size banner appropriate to the space available on your page.

Other than that, there are also Text Link Ads, Text Link Brokers, Tribal Fusion and Value Click where you can put them in your BlogSpot. But you need to remember that installing too corpulent ads will affect performance and reduce blogs credibility blog especially for new blog created because visitors will assume that you are too commercial. You could put a lot of ads, but must be balanced with existing content. Do not let the number of ads more than the post. That will kill the blog.

This is just a small picture of how to start a business with BlogSpot and it wills most likely growing fast with your blog if you have high traffic. It’s good to consider in traffic building. Build content rich keywords and phrases related to make money online from BlogSpot, Blogger Money Maker, make money online with blog, make money writing article and so on. Not easy, but you have no other choice with newly created BlogSpot blog.

Good luck!

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