September 2, 2009

How to Start Make Money Online with BlogSpot

I assume you already have a BlogSpot blog - free blog service from and now you want to start make money. High level blog in link popularity and traffic is easier to start than new created blog. The most important thing before you jump into your online business with BlogSpot as blogger money maker is blog readership which determined by number of traffic. New blog needs extra work to generate traffic and it’s most difficult blogging task in overall process.

So, begin by focusing on the quality of content which are topical, fresh, natural, updated and genuine. Write content related to online businesses, blogger money maker, make money with BlogSpot and tutorial about how to make money from blogs. The reason is to make easy the searches or people remember easily. Writing such topical contents enrich keywords and make friendly SEO that may lead visitors from the searches. People will be easily remember and notice the topical blog rather than blog with multiple topic.

Take your time to think of writing friendly SEO – generate visitors from search engines. When writing SEO, first consider your reader. SEO writing can collide with writing for the reader sometimes. You are required a balance writing for SEO and reader [writing for robots and write for human]. Use relevant keywords like make money online with BlogSpot, make money with BlogSpot is easy; free BlogSpot blog for business beginner, blog money maker make money from blog, how easy make money from blog and so on.

Such keywords you use for writing articles will petrify status blog and improve performance on search engines. So that it can dominate the search engines - the gate of your online business success.


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