August 24, 2009

How Easy to Make Money Online with Adsense – No Cost!

The easiest way to make money online is by participating in Google Adsense – a reliable PPC program to make money from blog. Although still a range of hundreds of dollars, at least I had felt how ‘’SWEET” the money earned from Adsense using BlogSpot blog – a free blog service. This has proved that Adsense business is an online business without capital as blog can be created FREE blog available at

How to start a business Adsense? Many people say to start business Adsense is very easy. How easy is it anyway? Is there any easier today to run a business?

So, below are some steps to start your Adsense business to quickly get money online from your blog.

1. Create website or blog. In this tutorial I am only talking about make money from Adsense with blog - in this case I am using BlogSpot which is a free blog service from Google. Without a website or blog you can not run Adsense business. After creating blog, focus on niche or topic you want to make as blog content. I suggest you take a topic that if your hobby or at least you like and know well about it.

2. Sign up for Google Adsense. It takes some time to get approval for a publisher. You may register Google Adsense as a personal or company account. But both of them must only allow having one account. Sometimes it is not easy to get approval from Google, I advice you to increase the quality of blog content, and its good if you have at least 30 posts on your blog and blog age is about 3 months old.

3. Insert Adsense code into you blog. Once you get approval from Google, you can directly log in to Google Adsense and get code than insert into your blog. Or you can directly log in to blogger, on lay out there is Adsene widgets and you only have to add tha widget. You are now able to see your Adsnse appears on your blog. Ads appear depending on the content you create.

4. Build up blog traffic. Determination of income Adsense is very much depending on traffic. More traffic you receive, more money you can make. This is because you get more possible clicks from visitors. But if traffic is low, the earnings from your Adsense business will be less. Consider about content to attract visitor to click your ads and also ads placement.

5. Do not wait, but action. However, money does not come by itself unless if you won lottery. Adsense business isn’t about luck business, but business that need some work and efforts. Continues to generate more traffic to your blog by doing promotion and marketing campaign. One of the methods is writing SEO technique by selecting the appropriate keyword for your Adsense business. Keyword is very important that your blog can be optimized by search engines.

That's all I can share this time about how easy make money from Adsense. But even so, it doesn’t mean that you just stay silent after insert Adsense in your blog. You still need to take steps to how to get more traffic to your blog, which is the size of fundamental of earnings from your Adsense business.
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