February 3, 2010

Reasons of Good Start - Create Source of Online Income with Personal Blog

Sharing ideas online is not only sharing about personal diary, but it also shwre about many things such as make money online from blog. This blog is already 1.5 years old has been making money from paid review and Google Adsense. This time Sharing Ideas Online talks about the Reasons of Good Start - Create Source of Online Income with Personal Blog. This is the complete article.

Because make money from blog – especially for beginners who want to make money online using blog - takes time, in my opinion it is ideal to start create source of income with personal blog. Why?

Here are the reasons why:
1. Running a personal blog is easier compare to many other blog which have specific content such as tutorial, writing SEO, traffic building, and make money online, and blogs that required expertise and skills. Sometime if you run particular blog, you will need kind of serious thoughtfulness before you create a new post. But in personal blog – with no difficulty – you can write things whatever you want.

2. Almost everyone start blogging with personal blog, more less the topic containing personal activity such as business, work, family, social, organization and many more. To look REALLY personal, personal blog usually include author name into domain name for example www.blogauthorname.com. Unfortunately, this blog doesn't. huhu. So, whether blog author wants to make money from their blog or not, as some people create the blog just for fun and pouring ideas in writing online.

3. Personal blog more widely in range and I can call it as a free blog. The author can write anything as desire. Do you know that keep updating blog – in this case writing in the main jobs for blogger – will make the blog existence online? So, with limitless range in topic will help author carry on wiring with new ideas even though different from ordinary writing like newspaper, magazine and books.

Obviously, there are many reasons behind why personal blog is good start to create source income online using blog but I these the basic reasons.

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