December 29, 2009

Make Money as ClickBank Affiliate - Commission up to 75%...

Just like Google Adsense, HopAd from ClickBank [it look like the adsense ads] an affiliate program to make money online from your blog or website. If you have not Google Adsense yet or your Google Adsense account got banned, probably ClickBank HopAd can be an option to your blog business.

Although difficult to differentiate from Google Adsense, HopAd ads isn’t contextual ads that if you click the ads you get a cents [I say cents because the average Google Adsense per click about 10 cents to 50 cents], but have to go through the process of product sales or services [pay per lead with transaction].

This kind of ads we put links on blog so that visitors have the opportunity to visit websites that sell products through ClickBank. Of course there is also a reflection page as Adsense when you open blog page and HopAds will appear as related page.

Benefits to ClickBank affiliate program in addition up to 75% commission; there are many choices of products such as digital products, where shipments can be done quickly so that the commission was quickly received, reliable payments and many rewards that can get by the publisher of the programs available.

Back to the HopAd we discus earlier, you can easily customize the look of the ads because the tool has been available in ClickBank when you log in. Adjusting the display ads, including layout, fonts, text colors, etc. If you have not trying the affiliate program with ClickBank, a registration will apply before start making money online.

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