August 28, 2009

10 Basic Reasons Why I am becoming a Freelance Blogger

There are plenty of freelance jobs outside but why I take blogging? Below are reasons that I want to share with you why I am a freelance blogging. There are 10 basic represent that I am interested to make money with Blogspot – as bloggers money maker.

1. Fun, easy and simple.

Blogging job is fun and easy that involves lots of writing to build the content. Content topics are free according willingness and expertise. Usually you like getting easier do. Also, does what you know will put in confidence and do not cause stress.

2. Blog can make money.

I'm sure many of you like this point isn’t it? Payment systems for monetized blog are also very fast, convenience and practical using PayPal or money order. Some still use old method payment by check.

3. Reach out audience and make friends.

I get a lot of things from blogging, build a positive mental, increase number of friends, sharing experiences about blogging around with people around the world and there is also a share of non-blogging matter, business etc. What I like best from this point is to build character becoming a positive thinking person.

4. Paid blogging is an excitement.
For monetize blog, getting paid is one which can not be expressed with words. Have a lot of readers who visit blog and increase in numbers of traffic every day is a pride. I think the failure in blog when there are no visitors coming to visit blog.

5. Promote a business and blog in the same time.
Writing in blog can promote other business, selling product or service or whatever, putting it into blog. Writing article about business, in the same time is promoting blog as well. Some blog consider about putting in ads on pages. That’s a great thing.

6. Running blog can be done anywhere.
Freelance job in a particular field needs a place for it. But running blog can be done anywhere, everywhere as long as there is internet connection. This is the reason why many people go for blogging because outbound of time. I used to write an article before going to bed after work or in the morning during my off day before take my family out.

7. Being with family working at home.

The most valuable moment to me is to be with family, spend time with them. It’s my dream one day when I am no longer work for someone else but run my own business. Work from home most suitable for people who have such desires.

8. Create and establish small business.
If you consider a blog as your online business, you could start with seriously just like other businesses who need presence for the company development, and blog establishment. Success in blogging is depending on how you overview blog as a possible business opportunity.

9. Set unlimited income.
In blog business, income can be set how much earning you want depending on blogging commitment. And how much time you invest to make money online from blog is also determine the growth of business.

10. Advantage to become a great writer.
Because blogging is involves a lot writing, fulfill article for content, its great practice to become good writer or copy writing is probably the highest paid skill on the Internet. As content is main product for blog or website, article writing is a great demand for it.

All the reasons about a freelance blogger who I have written above could be an inspiration for those who also want to be a Freelance bloggers.
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