September 16, 2010

Want To Improve Your E-Book Sales?

So you want to increase your e-book sales, but don't know how to go about doing this. Well I wrote this article to give you some basic tips and advice to help you out in this area. After all you have worked so hard on creating this great e-book, off course you are going to want to know the best way to sell it, right? You are not alone if selling your e-book has become a major hassle. A lot of other people have the exact same problem. But what can you do about it?

Ways To Make More E-Book Sales:

- You could try to offer additional bonuses for free when they purchase your E-book. This will make your potential customers feel they are getting more for their money.

- You could also send out two free pages from your e-book to people who express an interest in it. This will give them a feel for your E-book and help them determine if your E-book is for them. If the first two pages are impressive and seem to match the need and interests of the reader, then you can always guarantee that this will generate a huge number of sales.

- Offer a risk free payment method. This is essential, as people who buy online like to know their money is safe during a transaction. After all, with all the scams there are out there online, who can blame them for wanting to protect their money! Doing this through PayPal is possibly your best bet as almost everyone is aware of it.

- You also need to offer a money back guarantee. This will again capture your potential customer's attention.

- Creating a great sales page. Include all the benefit of them purchasing your E-book in a bullet point format. Give sneak previews of what your e-book contains, but be careful not to give away too much information, you need to leave them in suspense and wanting more.

- Providing testimonials from previous customers can help. But ensure they are as enticing and compelling as can be.

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