July 6, 2010

Again, My AdSense Earnings Hits $100 Plus

Javanese said 'alon-alon asal klakon' means slow, but sure. Just like my AdSense business, after few months, finally the earnings hit $100 this month. You might think this is a joke; $100 is just small amount. Many people can earn more than that. If you think this way, I fully agree as I just saw on the internet that some people can make $100 to $500 in a single day means that possible earning can be made up to $15k each month.

My point of sharing in this article is about the proof that Google AdSense reliable source income from the internet with no cost. The only thing is you need to own and maintain blogs or websites to put Google AdSense on. Your AdSense business will grow depend on the number of click your blog's visitor. The more visitor in you blog, the more chances your AdSense to get clicked.

Why I only make $100 for few months from my Google AdSense?

Many people make big from their AdSense business because they have high traffic even placing and formatting ad are essential, but still, traffic dominates the success of business. My blog? No, I don't have such high traffic. That's why I can't do much with my AdSense earnings. I have no enough traffic have to learn how to make money from AdSense seriously.

I know blogging in early 2008. Since that time, I run my blogs in part-time basis. Usually, I make some update after work or during my off day. In the beginning, I used to go for blog walking, visiting other people blog and leave some comments, due to my work, I only can write on blog. Even so, my AdSense earnings still continue accumulating. Just like today, thing makes me feel good, my AdSense earnings hits $100 again.

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