June 26, 2010

Unable to Share Ideas Online with eblogtalk.com

Meanwhile, I am unable to share ideas online through my favorite blog, eblogtalk.com as two weeks ago; blog that I have been run two years ago was disabled by Google. It was said that my blog containing scam! Although I have appealed for review, Google party that relies on sophisticated robots have not provided a bright spot to be able to live again.

Is eblogtalk.com scammer?

Eblogtalk dot com SCAM! How it can be. My blog obviously has an owner and the links there on my blog I think it's perfectly natural. Sure, eblogtalk dot com is a free blog hosting on Google, but if the trim just right quite hard too. The reason because eblogtalk dot com is the main income contributor blog from my blog business.

Google is fighting a Scam Blog

Apparently; Google is fighting a blog that contains elements of a scam in their view. But why my other blogs which are not taken care of survivors of these scam. With this incident, my Google AdSense revenue contribution decreases.

I'll keep trying, so eblogtalk can return to live and perform its functions as a blog sharing ideas online at one time monetized blog for me. Although the average daily traffic of 60-70s a day, yes its okay as I run the blog part of my time. In lieu of my eblogtalk not back yet, I still want to share with Blogger Money Maker who also written in English.

Are you also having the same experience? I also request assistance from colleagues who have the same experience and experience handling this matter or colleagues who are experts in this field to get back on the blog www.eblogtalk.com disable by Google from the world of the Internet. Thank you.
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