September 10, 2009

Increase Your Google Adsense Earning with 5 Simple Ways

Do you know that Google Adsense does all work to help you earn money online from your blog? So, if you want to start running business Adsense with BlogSpot blog, you just simply create an account with and you can begin to make money with Adsense. Success in Adsense business is when you get the most out of your earning obtained from people’s click when they visit your blog.

How to boost your Google Adsense income?

Below are 5 ways to increase and maximize your earning.

Focus in content writing.
Google Adsense ads will appear on your blog based on content that you write. It’s good to create blog with topical content. For example blogger money maker- makes money online with BlogSpot or business Adsense with BlogSpot blog.

Use relevant keywords.
By using popular or top Adsense keywords, you are maximizing your Adsense income. You can use Google adwords account and, using such tools to choose further keywords. If you blog design to promote Google Adsense Business, probably use keyword such as Adsense article, Adsense Tips, blogging for Adsense, Google adsense easiest way to make money online with BlogSpot to write your content.

Increase traffic to your blog.
The more visitors, the more likely the number of clicks you get, with your earning automatic will be increased. How to increase traffic to your blog? See this link.

Do some experiment and make adjustment.
Layout and ads placing play important role Increase Your Google Adsense Earning as where the ads get more clicks from visitors. Don’t expect too much contribution of your Google ads in the footer position, because in this section, it’s another step of visitors leaving your blog page. Then you need to avoid placing them on that section. Get the most clicks ads click within posts.

Do not put too many Adsense Ads on blog page.
Putting too many of your Adsense ads on blog page, its not only you will be able to profit but you will get loss. Your visitors think your blog is too commercial.

Return to original content of your blogging purpose that's the main goal to keep your blog visitors keeps visiting your blog. In the same time you are writing content using relevant keywords which justify your position in search engines and bring traffic everyday. Your effort to increase Adsense earnings by practicing with 5 ways is to make benchmark your Adsense business success.

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6 comments: on "Increase Your Google Adsense Earning with 5 Simple Ways"

Reza Winandar said...

This post remind me of my post on my blog, which is tells people how to make money online. Most of new bloggers are start up their blog because they want to earn money online, and most of them (too) failed. If you really truly want to make money online, I think there is a lot of methods, they all are good and profitable. But, the most important factors of making money online are traffic and conversion. Traffic is good, but targeted traffic is much better. I hope that I can make money by following your advice. Thanks.

Reza from Adsense Advice for Beginners

blogger money maker said...

Reza; thanks for your concern about this article. I created this blog because so many successful people make money from adsense just how they lead traffic to their blog. Traffic that obtain from useful content.

Dila said...

Thanks for the info. I'm still trying to make money on line (no success yet), but I won't give up.

Anonymous said...

skali lg kurang pinter bs inggrisnya jd bs indonesia ajha ya :D
sekedar informasi(promoci..),bagi sodara2 yang mo ngasih saran dalam seo kunjungi blog seo saya di:belajar seo blogspot ya.
makasih,lam kenal dan salam hangat BUAT MAS DEDE-NYA :D

dede online said...

Dile, that what most people done. Success doesn't come so easy,..keep trying!

Daily Good Tips said...

Good adsense article. I need information about adsense because i am now maximizing my adsense earning very seriously. I join many programs to get dollar but I want to earn money especially from adsense. Alhamdulillah i get money although still litle earning. I hope i can increase my earning tomorrow.

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