September 1, 2008

What’s Product to Sell Here?

I am not selling any product in this blog but writing articles as content contains topic about make money online – Blogger Money Maker - learn to make money online with which becoming main product of this blog.

Like real other products, content should also have quality as fundamental to be offered to readers. Writing article as quality and useful content also equipped with solutions are provided free to anyone who would like reading, especially for those who want to learn how to create money online using

The reason I use blog as a tool to make money online from blog because I think that has strength where it's easy and fun to manage which suitable for beginner who wants to make money using blog. is owned by Google which can be directly be monetized with Google Adsense. If you already have Google Adsense account, you can directly install Adsense on your blog. But if you have not one, you may register here. While waiting an approval from Google, it's good to continue creating and optimize content by writing relevant articles for Google consideration. I recommend you have at least 30 posts and your blog age is 3 months old.

Choosing template design is also quiet important to blog. Even though template does not as important as content, its wise if you choose suitable template and match for monetize blog as blogger money maker. Template design can use original theme from or can be obtained from third party template that has been in the personalized. Now a lot of free blogger templates design with various themes.

It’s not enough by only writing quality good content as main product for blogger money maker. Blogger will need to make some extra efforts to optimize and marketing and promotion of blog itself with credibility and reliable blog appears in line with other top blog money maker and share experiences to help other bloggers to make money with One of efforts is to provide fresh and quality content that is useful and provides solutions to other people.
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